Gentleman Swissmatic


The Tissot PRX is a vintage classic which will take you back in time with its style calling to mind all the memories of your past. This model offers models that go from pure classics to a vintage sport through simple change of details, yet all bearing traits of Precision, Robustness with water resistance up to a pressure of 10 bar (100 m / 330 ft), illustrated by the Roman Number X in its name. Its timely numbers are emphasised by its dodecagonal shape, hinting to the piece's precision while it integrates their position into the case. This is the perfect range to allow you to choose your own style.
Ranneke: Nahka
Väri: ruskea
Kellotaulun väri: hopea
Miesten / Naisten: Miehet
Materiaali: ruostumaton teräs
Tyyppi: Urheilukello
Vesitiiviys: 100 m
Takuu: 2 vuotta
Valmistajan koodi: T0984071603200
Kellon halkaisija: 44 mm
Koneisto: Automaatti


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